GL Best Lines Wednesday 1/10/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/10/07


Provided By Tanya

Gus: We went to the school and she wasn't there, but the roommate said maybe she's off with a guy.

Reva: Oh, that is something Tiffany would think.

Harley: Oh, you know Tiffany?

Reva: Well, no, I don’t. Daisy, actually, now, she told me all kinds of stories, but she never mentioned a boyfriend.

Harley: Oh, so you talked to Susan?

Reva: Yeah, I saw her. We went for pizza.

Harley: You went to visit her?

Reva: No, I didn't, but we went to that little dive here. You know, down the street from the college where all the kids hang out.

Harley: Wait a minute, you're telling me she was here?

Reva: Yeah, we got caught up on all the gossip, friends, and... oh, let me guess, you didn't know she was here?

Harley: I didn't see her. No, I didn't know she was here. Apparently my daughter came for a visit and I'm the last to know.

Gus: Maybe, you know, when she went to Reva, she did, she laid it on really thick. But I got to think everything's okay because Reva normally has a great crap detector.

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