GL Best Lines Tuesday 1/9/07

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 1/9/07


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: If Judge Green or anybody else should bring up the fact that you were high when Mallet was shot, then, and only then, will we introduce Mallet's deposition.

Harley: Can I ask, how is Mallet’s...

Jeffrey: It's glowing.

Harley: Oh.

Jeffrey: As a matter of fact, when Zach gets ready to go to college, have Mallet write the letter of recommendation.

Jeffrey: Well, then, at the very least we're going to need a statement from her. Do I have to remind you guys who we're dealing with here? This judge is the most conservative judge in the entire state, okay? And he's got a bias against you. Let's move on, okay? Let's talk now about your two other children from two other men. Okay, so that's three children with three different men. It's not exactly spelling "stability," is it? Okay, and we haven't even gotten to the fact that you were tried for murder and went to prison for murder.

Gus: That was my brother, and he's not dead.

Jeffrey: It doesn't change the fact that she still went to prison and broke out.

(Knock on the door)

Gus: Oh. Honey, you better get that. It's probably another one of your kids.

Coop: What I'm just trying to say is the fact that you don't get wowed easily when it comes to fancy stuff and a lot of money. All right. You're very level-headed.

Marina: And yet I fell for Alan-Michael.

Coop: Right. Even though you knew that the guy was just a...

Marina: A player?

Coop: A player. Yes. A player.

Marina: Yeah, I know. He doesn't exactly hide that fact. In fact, it's his lack of subtlety that kind of reels you in.

Coop: Okay, you're going to need to explain it, because I'm just not following.

Marina: Alan-Michael is very blatant. There is never any question that he's in to you. I mean, really into you. Actually, it's rather charming. It's refreshing. I mean, he showers you with gifts and he throws compliments at you 24/7. It kind of makes you feel like...

Coop: Don't, don't, don't even say "princess."

Marina: Like a very important person. Special. And then at some point some weird logic kicks in and you start thinking, "Wait a minute, this guy doesn't have to chase after anyone, and yet here he is. He's chasing after me. He chose me." And at some point, you start to really care for the guy. You really care for him. And that's when it happens. That's when he knows he has you exactly where he wants you.

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