GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/26/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 12/26/06


Provided By Tanya

Marina: I know. That's what I keep telling her, but she goes on and on about how I have this job that I spend too much time on and I don't make enough time for a boyfriend.

Buzz: She...

Marina: Don't! If I wanted a boyfriend I could scrounge one up somewhere, but I actually like being on my own. It takes the stress out of the whole gift exchange thing. You know, what if I give him a cashmere sweater and he gives me an umbrella? Or vice-versa?

Buzz: (Laughs)

Marina: Seriously! It's very stressful and I'm glad to be on my own.

Buzz: (Laughs)

Beth: Well, Rick is going to examine you. If he feels you're mentally fit, you could get out of here as early as this evening.

Rick: But on the other hand if, you know, I find you're just a little koo-koo, you might spend New Year's with a straight jacket on.

Alan: Nice gift. But I want a real doctor! Not some quack who shacked up with my wife.

Beth: (Clears throat)

Alan: Where are you going, Beth?

Beth: I can't hear you.

Rick: Open up and say, "Bah- humbug," come on, Bah humbug.

Alan: Wait, wait, get that thing away from me. You're not going to examine me after you've been examining my wife for the past year.

Rick: Alan, I would rather be home with my wife and children than being here with you, believe me.

Alan: Oh, really? They don't want you back, Rick, huh?

Rick: Shut up, Alan. Shut up and play ball, because if you don't play ball, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to ship you back to Cedars for a Christmas colonoscopy.

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