GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/19/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 12/19/06


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: We're husband and wife. Why does the night have to end with you in one room and me in another? I think that we should be together. Come on, come to my room. I want to be with you.

Jonathan: Lizzie, we can't just jump into bed like a bunch of crazy...

Lizzie: What, married people?

Tammy: Okay, look, it's not like Jonathan and I meant to make love in the barn, it just happened.

Marina: Right, your bodies just smacked into each other.

Tammy: I swear, it happened like that, okay? One minute he's telling me to leave him alone, and the next... being with him again, it was everything. I mean, we were together again.

Marina: What happened after?

Tammy: He went home with Lizzie.

Marina: His wife.

Tammy: Yeah.

Marina: And he left you in the barn to pick the hay out of your sweater.

Alan-Michael: She is a heartbreaker. When you're old enough, I'll tell you how to handle guys.

Gus: Yeah, guys like you.

Alan-Michael: Me?

Gus: Yeah, you.

Alan-Michael: I've lost my touch. Ava's leaving.

Coop: Oh, Alan-Michael, you don't have to take that personally. She just got a better offer.

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