GL Best Lines Friday 12/15/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 12/15/06


Provided By Tanya

Tammy: They're here. How did you know?

Remy: Who do you think found him? Somebody had to track them down, tell them Alan tanked in court.

Tammy: You did it for me, because you knew I was worried.

Remy: It was the right thing to do.

Mallet: I wanted to invite her here and thank her for putting "The Law" on the air.

Dinah: Honey, don't you hate those people following you around?

Mallet: Well, sometimes. But the thing is, we have cracked a few cases because of viewer tips. So that show is helping us to fight crime.

Vanessa: Oh, that is excellent.

Mallet: Excellent.

Vanessa: Excellent.

Dinah: Okay, I'm on to you, little pretty boy with the flowers and the compliments.

Mallet: Pretty boy? What you talking about?

Dinah: Yeah, yeah. Are you not noticing that my mother is a very shrewd woman, she’s very smart, she’s fair, she’s intelligent, she is the axis of my reality. She is the heartbeat to me. I depend on her.

Vanessa: (Laughs) I'm so glad I'm here. It's nice to have all this attention. I do take bribes.

Tammy: Okay. Uh-oh.

Jonathan: What?

Tammy: The face she just made, that's the face you make when you're thinking really hard.

Lizzie: I think she’s pooping. (Laughs)

Alan: I've waited patiently long enough. You can't deny that child a right to know her mother's family.

Jonathan: Yes, I can. You got it, Remy?

Remy: Right here. Alan Spaulding, you've been served.

Alan: What is this?

Jonathan: A restraining order, keeping you 50 feet away from Sarah. This right here is me being kind. I'm done being kind right now.

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