GL Best Lines Thursday 12/14/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 12/14/06


Provided By Tanya

Josh: Wow.

Cassie: Really? You don't think it's too...?

Josh: No, I don't think it's not too anything at all. What I'm thinking is that we need to cancel the whole party thing and make a date-- you, me and the dress. The dress, of course, being optional.

Reva: No, it’s... it's okay. You guys do, you deserve a night out. Besides, look. See what I got?

Lizzie: They invited her, too.

Jonathan: Did you RSVP with your middle finger or what?

Reva: Actually, I'm looking forward to it. Don't wait up for me. Bye my little sweetie pie. I'm off to be with my people.

Jonathan: They let them out of jail?

Jonathan: Everything that I am now and everything that I hope to be, I have you to thank for it.

Tammy: Me?

Jonathan: Yeah. Sometimes when I think about Sarah, and how I'm afraid that I'll blow it or ruin her life, I think about the guy that you made me want to be.

Cassie: I want us to entertain in our own home, where no one can come between us, not even Reva. I mean, I saw you with Reva at Towers, but I know you're going to run into her. I don't expect you to cross the street every time you see her.

Josh: That's good to hear.

Cassie: I love the woman, Josh, but I'm not afraid of her. And I'm not afraid of what you two had. And I'm not her, so every time we have a question or problem or suspicion, I'm not going to turn away from you. I'm here, Josh, for the holidays, and like it or not, I'm here for all of the other days, too, so...

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