GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/5/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 12/5/06


Provided By Tanya

Ava: I know that she's your child, and I know that you just came to me about an arrangement with Buzz. I know that you want him to see you in the right light. So, I don't know, maybe you'd reconsider.

Olivia: Hmm, but what I find interesting is this: Everyone sees you as so sweet, not a manipulative bone in your body. I think you're more like me than you want to admit.


Josh: Okay, well, if you know that about me, than perhaps you also know that I have two kids, and I freely admit in this courtroom that I am a lousy parent. For instance, your Honor, when my son was very, very young, he decided that he was ready for a two-wheeler. I didn't think he was, but he thought he was. So I put him on that bike, I took him down the sidewalk a little bit, and, of course, he fell over immediately. He hit his chin against the curb and lost a tooth. There was blood, there was crying, all kinds of things. And then when my daughter, she was maybe four years old in a supermarket, she suddenly disappeared. It was one of those times when one time they're right next to you, right there, and then the next minute they're gone. And fortunately she had only gone down to the end of the aisle and she was standing there in front of the candy counter, looking like a zombie, but what if she had decided to climb up that shelf and bottles and cans came tumbling down on top of her? What if the whole unit had come down on top of her, your Honor? The point I'm making here is that as a parent I made a lot of choices and some of them were very poor. Some of them could have been disastrous if it had turned out a different way, if just a couple of things had changed. Now, if you buy the definition of parenting that Ms. Wolfe and Mr. Spaulding have put in this courtroom today, that would make me a bad parent. In fact, it would make me a terrible parent. And I'm willing to bet every dime I have in the bank that it would also make you a terrible parent, Judge.|

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