GL Best Lines Friday 12/1/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 11/24/06


Provided By Tanya

Alan-Michael: Where?

Ava: Right there. See?

Alan-Michael: No. (Laughs)

Ava: (Laughs) You're so predictable. I can retire on the money I would get if I sued you for sexual harassment, you little jerk.

Alan-Michael: (Laughs) Well, that's the first smile I've seen out of you in weeks. So it will be worth it.

Jeffrey: Okay, you know what, Ava? This is it, short and sweet. The other night when I came over to your place, remember, and neither one of us was sure what this was. And you weren't sure if you were ready for it. Well, I did some thinking, and you know what? I'm never going to be ready for this.

Ava: Just like that?

Jeffrey: Yeah, just like that. It sounds like you had a wonderful mom, and I have no right to screw up the wonderful parentage you've already had. So I think we should just go back to the way things were, the way our lives were, like we barely know each other.

Ava: Hey, bartender, did you hear that? My daddy's going to buy me another beer.

Remy: Tammy, you know what I want this to be. But I'm in my prime years... (Laughs)

Tammy: Prime years for what?

Remy: For not pining after someone who's pining for someone else. No matter how cool and hot she is. No matter how sitting in a car with her makes... never mind.

Tammy: Oh.

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