GL Best Lines Monday 11/27/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 11/27/06


Provided By Tanya

Billy: Yeah. Well, it's Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much because your wife will have your head.

Rick: Yeah, my wife. Yeah, my wife took my little girl to her parents' house and I wasn't invited. It's okay. I spent a couple hours at the clinic, and I'm sure I'll get paged by the hospital on a night like this. There's a good call.

Billy: Just doing my job.

Rick: Oh, that, no. I was talking about the football game, Billy. The ref made a good call. I drove by the house.

Billy: Mel's parents?

Rick: Yeah. I mean I don't even know why I bothered because I didn't even stop. So, what about you, what's your excuse?

Billy: I wasn't invited to Mel’s parents either.

Alan: Can I help in any way?

Reva: Yeah, you throwing yourself under my son's car out there would have been a big help.

Alan: Reva, can we try to get along for the child's sake? It's Thanksgiving. I'm offering you an olive branch.

Reva: No, actually you're not. You hate Jonathan; you're using Lizzie to get to their baby. The only branch you're offering is poison ivy.

Marah: Why do I feel like I'm the only grownup here?

Josh: Excuse me?

Marah: You're all way too busy trying to pull off this happy little family that you're forgetting everything that is happening. Mom still has a long road ahead of her. She isn't better yet.

Josh: Look, I realize that you're trying to protect your mom. I get that, okay?

Marah: No, no, I'm trying to protect you, Dad. Because if something happens to her, if she gets sick again and you're not there, I don't think you could forgive yourself.

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