GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/21/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 11/21/06


Provided By Tanya

Marah: Come to Thanksgiving at Aunt Cassie’s? Mom already said yes, and the whole family's going to be there.

Jonathan: The whole family?

Marah: Yeah, Tammy and Uncle Billy. And, hey, if you have a favorite recipe, I think I can swing it.

Jonathan: Yeah, I bet you could. Recipe. You got a recipe for disaster, is what you've got.

Marah: My mom and dad...

Jonathan: Which is exactly what you want, isn't it? Total mayhem.

Marah: Mom and dad have split up a hundred times. When things go horribly wrong, they rally. Disasters give them a little shove to help them see where their hearts really lie.

Jonathan: Is that true? Wow. They say that I'm the bad influence in this family. Troublemaker.

Alan: I need for you to spend Thanksgiving with me and the family.

Alan-Michael: (Laughs)

Alan: What's so funny?

Alan-Michael: I'd rather carve off one of my own drumsticks. We barely tolerate each other.

Alan-Michael: Beth, you just missed your sweetie.

Beth: I know. I waited for him to leave. Alan-Michael, I have a proposition for you.

Alan-Michael: Does it involve cranberry sauce and you in my bed?

Beth: You are consistent, I'll give you that.

Alan-Michael: Consistently interested.

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