GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/1/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/1/06


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: Something bigger. They're just wandering in the dark and searching for a light. Something to guide the way. But that's just...

Harley: For too long, Springfield had suffered in the dark, looking for a savior, searching for hope and guidance. I can be that hope. I am that hero. I am the Guiding Light.

Gus: Frank said all the case files were sent over here so we can begin our cross- referencing. Make sure a little elephant didn't fly over the moon on a big lump of cheese.

Harley: What?

Gus: You're not the listening to me.

Harley: I am listening. You said Frank, cross referencing, yadda yadda.

Harley: Not a fan of my work?

Marina: Ah, no, no. Don't mind him. He's a guy, you know. He just feels like you're stealing his thunder. Or lightning.

Harley: We're all on the same team, Detective.

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, we are. One of the-- well, then, how come my uniform doesn't show off my stomach?

Harley: Maybe my stomach's just better than your stomach.

Marina: Oh, she's got you there.

Harley: Rick, did you think you could understand any of this?

Rick: Oh, yeah, yeah, absolutely. I've been very interested about reading about the Guiding Light ever since your accident zapped me, electrocuted and took all the hair off my back, so I started studying super human phenomena.

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