GL Best Lines Monday 10/30/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 10/30/06


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: Don't you understand? Every time I see you, it takes me back to that night. You are a walking, talking reminder of how... how it happened, how I was used and tossed out like the morning trash. I lost my innocence, I lost my mother, I lost my life. But see. You got to be the normal kid, Ava. You got to keep your vulnerability and your innocence. I get to live with the shame and the guilt.

Ava: You expect me to be miserable?

Olivia: Yeah. That's the least you can do for me.

Ava: You just need to let it go.

Olivia: No, you need to let it go. I've tried, okay? I have tried to let got of this nightmare, but it just keeps coming back, and this time, it's in the version of you.

Buzz: Okay, I admit, it's going to take some time for Olivia and Ava to get chummy. All right, maybe a long time.

Coop: Well, you checked the weather forecast for hell? Maybe there's a frost...

Josh: Do you have any idea of what you've done, the things that you've destroyed?

Reva: Our marriage?

Josh: Yeah. For one. Our marriage, Reva, I mean, you've had some... you've had some selfish bouts in your day, but this one really takes the cake.

Reva: What happened wasn't how I planned it.

Josh: Yeah. I know it's never really how you planned. It's just the way things turn out, right?

Reva: Put it on my gravestone.

Josh: Stop it, Reva.

Reva: No, Bud. You stop.

Josh: Just tell me why.

Reva: I didn't want the cancer to take your life, too.

Olivia: Why do you keep coming back for more? Do you really love me?

Buzz: "Yes" is such a boring answer. I just couldn't imagine myself any place but here with you right now. I went out for a walk and I just... something just lifted me up and pulled me to this room.

Olivia: I like that answer.

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