GL Best Lines Thursday 10/19/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/19/06


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Tell me, since when did you become such a champion of Ms. Peralta's?

Alan-Michael: She works for me.

Alan: In skimpy little outfits, I'm sure. Flashing those beautiful brown eyes of hers. No wonder you are so eager to take her side against your own family.

Alan-Michael: I run Spaulding now, Dad. I'm the family. And you're damn lucky I let you stay in it.

Coop: Ava you hate Olivia.

Ava: For good reason I hate her.

Coop: And now you're afraid because you're thinking you're going to end up just like her, and that makes you hate her even more. I know it. Ava, you're not like Olivia, and nor will you ever be.

Ava: DNA.

Coop: I don't think there's a gene for being a crazy bitch, Ava.

Olivia: I love the light in her eyes. I love the way she smells when she's sleeping, like she's having the sweetest dream. I love it when she holds out her arms to me first thing in the morning, like she can't wait to feel my arms around her. I love her laughs. And I love the way she calls me "Silly Mommy." I love her. She's my baby. I can't get enough of her.

Buzz: If things had been different, that's the way it would have been with Ava.

Olivia: Stop. You can't compare them.

Buzz: Open your eyes. You have two daughters. They both deserve to be the loved.

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