GL Best Lines Wednesday 10/11/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 10/11/06


Provided By Tanya

Harley: And it is the first time that we are having a party in our new house. And everybody is going to be there. Of course the kids will be there, and Frank will be there. Coop and Mr. Mallet.

Gus: Girl talk. Excuse me.

Harley: Marina?

Marina: Aunt Harley, there is nothing going on between Mallet and I. Okay, I don't plan on dating all of your ex-husbands.

Harley: That is so harsh.

Marina: (Laughs) I'm serious, though. You guys have to stop reading the stupid "Springfield Burns" web site. I swear, Mallet is going to be my partner, and nothing more. I swear on this loaf of bread, that I have absolutely no social life whatsoever. And that sounds really sad.

Marina: Yup. Festivities started at 7 a.m. this morning. Tin man, Scarecrow, Lion, Auntie Em, they all showed up.

Mallet: Really? Which one is Frank again?

Marina: I don’t know. I'm surprised they didn't recruit you. I could use someone else in my bed. You know what I mean.

Marina: I don't hate it. The problem is if I choose to make this choice, then I'm choosing to not choose all my other choices.

Mallet: Female talk, I have no idea what that means.

Marina: Alan-Michael offered me a job, my mom's throwing play bills at me.

Mallet: Okay, then you can go work for Alan-Michael. You can move to California, be near your mom and become a big TV star. The point is you're going to get hit with a million choices everyday no matter what you do. Especially this line of work? Do I call for backup? Do I pull my gun? Do I eat another glazed doughnut?

Marina: Okay, that was so not helpful.

Mallet: What I'm saying is, trust your instincts. Follow your bliss.

Marina: (Laughs) Bumper sticker?

Mallet: Side of a bus.

Marina: What does it mean?

Mallet: I don't know. I don't know what it means. You want to hear another one? I'm full of them.

Marina: You're full of something.

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