GL Best Lines Tuesday 10/10/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 10/10/06


Provided By Tanya

Olivia: Alan, I'm not going to lose my child. I'm not. That's why I'm here, okay, because despite our differences, I know you have Emma’s best interests at heart.

Alan: That's true.

Olivia: And maybe there's still some affection for me. I mean, we're so much alike. And you remember the times that we shared, the good as well as the bad?

Alan: Yes, I do remember. And that is why if you need my help, all I can say to you is keep dreaming.

Beth: Rick didn't mean to hurt you. Neither of us did.

Mel: You mean you never meant for me to find out.

Beth: We were both in a lot of pain. I had just lost the baby. You had pushed Rick away. Rick and I have been friends forever. We're just... we're trying to comfort each other.

Mel: Comfort? Comfort? That's funny. When I need comfort, I make some cocoa or I take a hot bath. I don't go after another woman's husband. But then again, I'm not that desperate.

Beth: You know what, Mel? I didn't go after him. He was there for the taking. And why? Because you pushed him away. Maybe if you had been a better wife, he wouldn't have needed this room or me.

Marina: I take it Ava didn't tell you she was adopted.

Coop: She doesn't know.

Marina: Are you sure?

Coop: She would've told me.

Marina: I guess the next question is what was Olivia doing with that picture and these papers?

Coop: She was probably going to use it against Ava somehow or something like that. I mean, that would be the greatest way to get back at her, to hurt her, right? I mean, spring this on her, tell he what she knew about her parents isn't true.

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