GL Best Lines Thursday 10/5/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/5/06


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Well, I think this is what we all need, especially Elizabeth: A little family, good old-fashioned family togetherness.

Beth: Good old-fashioned what?

Alan: Beth, why are you so cynical all of a sudden? I mean, what happened to that innocent bride that I married, huh?

Beth: Have you been drinking?

Jonathan: Pot?

Reva: Medical marijuana!

Jonathan: Reva, Shayne! You've been blazing?

Reva: I've been trying, but I don't think I'm doing it right. You know, believe it or not, but I didn't do this stuff back...

Jonathan: (Laughs)

Reva: I was never a dull-the-edges kind of girl.

Jonathan: Well, hey, I can help you spark that fatty. It'll be like a mother-son thing.

Reva: No! No. No, this is not you, this is me. This is me, to make me feel better.

Jonathan: (Laughs) Wait a minute-- "This is for me."

Reva: Yes.

Jonathan: When did you get so greedy?

Reva: It's not greedy. I'm trying to protect, mama bear, baby cub. That's what it's all about. Do as I say, not as I'm about to do.

Jonathan: (Laughs) Oh, right, you're going to give me the drug talk now?

Alan: Kids, they are kids. And their child is going to need a mature and good influence in its life.

Reva: And you're it?

Alan: Yes. Beth and I are it. Now, you're not going to tell me that your family is...

Lizzie: Granddad, please.

Beth: Lizzie's right, Alan, let's save some of the fun for later.

Jonathan: Our side of the family is what?

Reva: Tulsa trash, cub. Right, Alan? I've heard it all before.

Beth: Reva, you're making a fool of yourself.

Reva: I'm not the one sleeping with him.

Jonathan: (Laughs)

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