GL Best Lines Monday 10/2/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 10/2/06


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Gotcha. You know, Jonathan, I knew you were lying about your commitment to Elizabeth. But this camera never lies.

Jonathan: You've got to quit it.

Tammy: Huh?

Jonathan: Cornering me every chance you get. Coming on to me like a damn stalker. I'm married. Do you get that? You read my lips? I'm mar-ried. So get away and stay away.

Reva: Joshua, what are you doing here? We signed the papers. We're divorced.

Josh: Well, it's your wedding night, isn't it? You can't have a wedding without me, Reva. How lucky do you feel?

Billy: No, no. You're going to deal out one card and one card only. And when he flips it over, it's if it's a spade or a club, we get on the plane, no marriage. But if it's a heart or a diamond, we get married before night's through. What do you say?

Reva: One card, huh? Black, no; red, yes.

Billy: The question now is whether or not you're a player, whether or not you lost your nerve along with your hair.

Reva: Oh, them's fighting words, Billy Lewis. One card, huh? You are so on. Deal.

Billy: Look, just because I don't believe in lady luck doesn't mean I don't believe in things and the things I believe in, top of the list, make every minute count with someone that you love. That's what I want to give you.

Reva: That sounds like wedding vows.

Billy: Well, kind of is. I'll tell you what I promise. I promise to let you lean on me when you can't walk. To let you yell at me when you want to blow off steam. To make you laugh, mostly on purpose. And, you know, I'll make you... I'll never let you cry unless you're going feel better afterwards. And most important, I'll never give up on you, if you never give up on me.

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