GL Best Lines Thursday 9/28/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 9/28/06


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Yeah. I think you should go, find the blogger ASAP and keep me in the loop, okay?

Harley: Deadbolt the door. Why? Why, why would you mention that Marina and Mallet are in Chicago together? She doesn't have to know that.

Gus: Well, she says she didn't care.

Harley: Honey, you have so much to learn about women.


Jonathan: Mm-hmm. Tammy's idea, too. It's a good feeling when your girlfriend will go above and beyond to be able to spend some time with you.

Remy: Oh. Oh, see, most guys I know would feel pretty crappy about putting their girlfriends through this. But then again, most guys I know actually give a damn about their girlfriend's feelings.

Jonathan: Wow. I used to think I didn't like you because of the uniform and your little good boy routine. Now I realize I just don't like you.

Remy: Ouch. How will I survive without your approval? Guess it's a good thing Tammy does like me, a lot.


Lizzie: No. He stayed at the apartment. He wanted to do some reading.

Tammy: Reading? Marvel comics or something?

Lizzie: ( Laughs ) No! It's a book that my mom got for him. It's for expectant dads. It's all about birth and the first year of the baby's life. It's so cute. It's like Jonathan’s cramming for a test. ( Giggles )

Tammy: Really?

Lizzie: Yeah. I mean, he probably didn't tell you because he's embarrassed about what a softy he's become, but at night he talks to the baby in my tummy.

Tammy: What did you buy?

Lizzie: Returning stuff. Wedding presents. Oh! Okay, don't tell Jonathan, but with the money, I'm going to buy him leather saddle bags for his motorcycle.

Tammy: Are you serious? He's wanted those for forever.

Lizzie: I know.

Tammy: They're really expensive.

Lizzie: Who cares? Nothing's too good for my husband. Pretend husband. You know what I mean.

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