GL Best Lines Wednesday 9/27/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 9/27/06


Provided By Tanya

Billy: Because this is your town. And those lights and all those windows out there are people you know or people who know you, people whose lives you've touched. So I don't want to hear you didn't make a difference, because you made a difference.

Reva: I was the host of a local talk show. Big deal.

Billy: I'm not talking about your work.

Reva: Well, then what are you talking about? The other Reva Shayne, the one that used to flirt with all the husbands in town? I'm sure the wives remember me.

Billy: I bet you the husbands do, too.


Reva: I just... you know what I don't want?

Billy: Let me see, cotton candy, a ferris wheel?

Reva: No, I'm serious. I just... I don't want a bunch of people, you know, shuffling around, saying sweet things about me.

Billy: What makes you think they're going to be sweet?

Reva: Billy! I used to tell Josh that when my time came and people would walk up to the casket to pay their last respects that they'd step on this button, and my voice would come across a loudspeaker, and it would say, "Thanks for coming. Have a shot for me. Nice dress, Aunt Clara."

Billy: You don't have an Aunt Clara.


Billy: You know, a lesser man might feel a little insecure, just by the fact that he professes his love to you, and it inspires you to think about ways to kill yourself.

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