GL Best Lines Friday 9/15/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 9/15/06


Provided By Tanya

Ashlee: Look, that is your husband down there, and he has his hand and his tongue all...

Lizzie: He is consoling Tammy. That's it.

Ashlee: Consoling her? About what?

Lizzie: Losing him to me. They used to be engaged.

Ashlee: Yeah. It looks like a really messy breakup.


Cassie: Your mother’s a shrink. Ask her how to tell her favorite niece that her parents are getting divorced again and they just haven’t gotten around to telling her about it.

Mel: Did you?

Cassie: Me? Tell Marah, no, I mean I wanted to. I hate to keep something so important from her, but I just don't think it's really my place.

Mel: Well, maybe not, but you are involved.

Cassie: Is that your polite way of saying that I'm why the situation is so messy?


Rick: If I don't tell her, she's going to find out anyway. It's going to take longer, Beth. It's going to take longer.

Beth: Okay, you know what? You are not thinking straight.

Rick: Beth, stop, stop, stop. I've called her, right? She's going to meet me here any minute. I would appreciate it if you're not here when she shows up.

Beth: Well, what the hell? If you're going to confess, why don't you have exhibit A standing right here?

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