GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/29/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/29/06


Provided By Tanya

Reva: No. I've got to go, Billy. Because I've got to go back there and start kicking some butt, starting with my sister's out of my husband's bed. Or vice versa, whoever's butt's closest.

Jonathan: Well, I've never put an engagement ring on somebody's finger before. So, yeah, it means something.

Tammy: So does the life of your baby.

Lizzie: I did give the ring to you, so it's not too sentimental.

Jonathan: True. It took three of us to get engaged, and three of us to decide to skip town--

Tammy: Only two of you to make the baby in the first place.

Lizzie: Wow, that's silenced the crowd.

Dinah: Is that how you're going to become mayor, by always looking over your shoulder?

Jeffrey: Dinah...

Dinah: You're going to have your own life and you're going to get to know exactly whom you want to know. Let me tell you something, Jeffrey: I know you better than anyone else. Better than all of the creeps and all of the women you slept with. And you know what you taught me? You taught me something very important: That anything is possible, especially if you want it bad enough. And I want Mallet. So let me tell you something: You better duck and hide because I will rip your head off if you get in my way, okay?

Lizzie: It may be possible for him send me away since I did tried to shoot him.

Billy: You tried to shoot Alan Spaulding? Damn, I like you.

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