GL Best Lines Thursday 8/24/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 8/24/06


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Why not, this is private enough?

Rick: Why not? Beth, this is Alan’s room. Remember him? The husband you're cheating on with me, and this is his chart right here signed by my wife. This is getting just a little crazy for me. I'm sorry.

Beth: Alan is up getting tests, and he will be gone for a while. And as far as moral judgments go, you and I both know that right and wrong are relative terms.

R.J.: Confused about what?

Josh: Grandpa, you've got to go.

Hawk: About your Uncle Josh taking up with your mom when he's still married to your Aunt Reva. I mean...

R.J.: What does "taking up" mean, Mom?

Josh: Do you think it's right to hurt a kid like that?

Hawk: He wouldn't be hurt if you'd stood up and told the truth, but you didn’t. Because deep down you're ashamed. You know you're doing wrong. You set that boy up to be humiliated, not me. What's happened to you, Josh? You used to be a decent man. How did you come to the point where you can rationalize adultery and deception?

Josh: Get out right now.

Hawk: With pleasure. It stinks to high heaven in here. (Door slams)

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