GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/23/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/23/06


Provided By Tanya

Mel: Rick, you lied to me, okay? You kept a part of you, a huge part of you hidden from me. Now, Ross is dead, Blake lost a husband, Dinah lost a father, and Beth and Alan... don't you see how twisted this is? How sad and bizarre?

Rick: None of those people opposed my reinstatement. In fact, all three of those women have found a way to forgive me. But my own wife, the one who has the least reason, can...

Mel: The least! Yes, great. Maybe I'm sick and tired of being the least in your life!

Rick: Lillian, and don't get me wrong, I know there were some difficulties, but I'm just saying, when I think about the past and how much those friendships meant to me, it just fills me with something I haven't been able to find anywhere else in my life.

Lillian: You haven't found that something even with Mel or with your children?

Rick: Well, that's different. I like the other guy better, a lot better. I like the way I used to feel with my friends. What they meant to me, how they understood me, and truth be told, I really, really miss what I meant to them, Lillian. And that's long, long gone. So there you have it, that's my confession for the day. I guess dreams aren't supposed to come true.

Jeffrey: You know, Mel, out of all of the beautiful women in Springfield, do you know how you rank?

Mel: I never thought...

Jeffrey: You don’t. You don't, because you're off the charts. You're exquisite.

Mel: Thank you.

Jeffrey: No, really. It's really hard to look at you sometimes because you're stunning. You can turn a man to stone.

Mel: I don't mean to.

Jeffrey: It's not your fault, really. Because it's like you're forbidden fruit. It's like you're a ripe, ripe peach. An unsqueezed lemon, yeah. A 450 fuel-injected dual carbed fastback, upholstered with fine Corinthian leather.

Mel: Jeffrey, your a jackass.

Jeffrey: What gave me away?

Mel: Well, I liked the squeezey lemon part and the turning men into stone, but Corinthian leather?

Jeffrey: Too much?

Mel: I've never been compared to an automobile interior before.

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