GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/22/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/22/06


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Lizzie loves that baby!

Alan: Elizabeth loves her dog. She loves shopping. She loves chocolate sundaes. The baby is not even a reality to her. And Jonathan Randall? He's not fit enough to raise a dog, much less a child. Neither one of them are equipped enough to raise a Spaulding heir. The risk is too great, Beth.

Alan: He was very worried. So I told him, I said all right go ahead and get her a gun because if we don't give it to her, she'll get it somewhere else. But I said, put blanks in it because I think she is capable of hurting herself or someone else. And if there hadn't been blanks in that gun, she would have killed me.

Beth: And maybe she would have done us all a favor.

Jeffrey: Blake, you're jealous.

Blake: No, I think you're insane.

Jeffrey: Dinah and I are not romantically involved, just like you and I are not romantically involved. Or anyone else for that matter.

Blake: This just keeps better and better.

Jeffrey: Blake, we agreed to end it.

Blake: We don't agree on anything, Jeffrey. That's what makes us so much fun.

Dinah: I think you're a liar. I don't think you give a damn about my love life. All you care about is Jeffrey, and you want him for yourself. Good luck with that.

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