GL Best Lines Monday 8/7/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/7/06


Provided By Tanya

Reva: First I thought they were here on business, but I don't see a Lewis Construction booth around anywhere. All I see is the way he is looking at her and she looks at him. Tell me I'm imagining this, Billy. Tell me I'm wrong. It's the heat. It's got to be the heat, right?

Alan: She's on her best behavior right now. But trust me, I know my granddaughter, and she needs a lot of attention. And when the baby is born, are you prepared to help feed, change, also feed Elizabeth, take Elizabeth to her spa. I mean, she's going to depend heavily on you and Jonathan just like she always had.

Tammy: I get that Lizzie is spoiled, okay. That you spoiled her. But she has changed. She's grown up. She didn't ask to get pregnant, she didn't want to be pregnant, but she is dealing with it. Lizzie's responsible for another life now, and that is changing her for the better. She's more caring, sensitive. That old selfish Lizzie that we all used to know is gone.

Lizzie: What, Jonathan, you think you're on to me. You think that I just want to get you in that shower again and strip off your t-shirt and get my hands on those rip-roaring muscles!

Jonathan: What a drama queen.

Lizzie: Just because Tammy wants you, does that mean everyone else does? Okay, you are not my fantasy. My fantasy --

Jonathan: Is Coop-a-loop dropping his apron? (Laughter)

Tammy: He just wanted to make sure that I understand how hard it is going to be after the baby comes. How I'll be ignored and neglected. But what Alan doesn't understand is that nothing could make me abandon that little girl, because she's yours. And I love you. And nothing, not you or the baby or anything else, is ever going to get in the way of that.

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