GL Best Lines Wednesday 7/26/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 7/26/06


Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: I'm here. I had to get hosed down before I came in here, so tell me, who do you got to sleep with around here to donate some bone marrow?

Billy: I don't think you could've cut it a little closer. Could you?

Reva: I've been babbling, haven't I? I didn't say anything stupid, did I?

Jonathan: It's been enlightening. You're very proud of me, huh? You want to have, like, ten more sons, just like me?

Reva: Oh, well, now that would be very interesting.

Jonathan: I don't want this to get around, but I'm very glad that I'm your son. I was so scared when I first came looking for you that I was going to find some stuck-up, straight-laced suburban snob.

Reva: (Laughs)

Jonathan: Yeah. But I found you. And you can drink, and you can shoot pool, and you can play cards like a pro.

Tammy: It would be totally selfish of me to ask him to stay.

Lizzie: It just comes to you as naturally as breathing, doesn't it?

Tammy: What?

Lizzie: Being generous, thinking of everyone else's needs but your own!

Tammy: My mom wouldn't say that.

Lizzie: Oh, yeah, unless she's comparing you to me.

Tammy: Well, at least you're not with Jonathan.

Lizzie: No, I'm just having his baby. I'm sorry.

Jonathan: Did you ever see that movie where the guy gets a transplant from the killer, and then he starts killing people?

Reva: Well, I'm not having any overwhelming desires to burn things down, if that's what you're asking.

Jonathan: Good, good.

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