GL Best Lines Friday 7/21/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 7/21/06


Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: You got to tell me when you're going to hang out in our part of the suite.

Lizzie: Maybe you should have a sign-in sheet. You know, you should be massaging my feet.

Jonathan: Excuse me?

Lizzie: Right here. In black and white. Massaging my feet, going with me for check-ups, telling me I'm pretty, buying me stuff.

Jonathan: (Laughs) Should I also tell you that you don't really look that huge?

Cassie: You love her, Josh. You love Reva.

Josh: I know. I love her. I do. But loving her has just been one let down after another-- one complication, one disaster. One hurt like you wouldn't believe.

Cassie: And you think loving me would be easy and painless?

Josh: Yes. Yeah, I do.

Gus: No problem. See, I'm just doing my job because you're like the most powerful woman in business today. At least in this town. Yeah. You don't know who's lurking and trying to take it away from you. They could be around the corner. A mugger, a Spaulding. You never know.

Lizzie: Daddy showed it to me. He thought it was funny. He once told me, "You want to know when granddad's lying? It's every time he opens his mouth."

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