GL Best Lines Monday 7/17/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 7/17/06


Provided By Tanya

Reva: It's funny, you know, using the word "therapy" to describe a procedure that totally wipes out your immune system.

Colin: Think of it as a one-step backwards to take two steps forward approach.

Reva: Now, that's a good explanation, Colin-- direct, simple, clear.

Colin: I came up with it just for you. (Laughs)

Reva: Maybe it wouldn't hurt to be a little brave. And I've got the best model right here in front of me.

Billy: Me?

Reva: Yes, you, Billy. You were hit with a deadly disease, too. But your drinking didn't do you in. You stood up and you fought for yourself. And things got better.

Billy: It's a fight every day, day by day.

Reva: Yeah, same here. So heck, yeah, you're my model. If things get a little dicey in there, I'm just going to think of you.

Billy: (Laughs) You'll be in some deep trouble then!

Alan: Enough, everyone! No one's taking Elizabeth anywhere. There is no ambulance, no straight-jacket, and no room at Ravenwood.

Lizzie: Then why did you have me carted back here like some hunting trophy?

Alan: Because I had to do something dramatic, sweetheart, to get your attention, to get alone with you so that... so that I could apologize to you.

Lizzie: Apologize?

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