GL Best Lines Thursday 7/13/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 7/13/06


Provided By Tanya

Josh: I see. So that's why you're calling me, because I called you.

Reva: Well, I mean, no. That's not the only reason. But...

Josh: Maybe you should call me just because I'm your husband. Or hey, you know what? Here's a crazy idea: Maybe you should tell me where you are and what you're doing for the same reason. Or even better... you should think about coming home.

Harley: Yeah! So don't sweat the details. And if you have to make a few compromises to make Mallet happy, who cares?

Dinah: So are you saying that I shouldn't express how I feel or what I really want? You know, just don't say anything, keep it to myself so I don't stir things up?

Harley: It's working for me.

Dinah: Well, I don't know if that works for me. You know, I mean... if that's what marriage is about, I don't know. I mean, just forget it. The wedding's off.

Gus: Hey, you know what? In the spirit of new beginnings and goodwill and everything, this would be a really excellent time for you to offer me back my job.

Frank: Oh, you think so, do you?

Gus: I think it would be excellent. Excellent timing.

Frank: Well I don't think Internal Affairs would feel that way.

Gus: Come on, Frank, you're the chief. People listen to the chief. I mean, if you say what you want and just vouch for me.

Frank: I'll tell you what. I'll vouch for you under one condition. That you guys prove to me that you can work together again. And the only way to do that is for him to put you in his wedding party.

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