GL Best Lines Thursday 7/6/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 7/6/06


Provided By Tanya

Mallet: We haven't even picked out a date and your mom is overnighting wedding cake samples to us. Come on.

Dinah: Honey, come on, she's into it, she's into it. And given my track record with men, it's actually a really good sign.


Lizzie: It was just words. Jonathan was mad at the barbecue, and honestly, I can't even blame him. The way that granddad was behaving. -- Was bullying him. Trust me, Jonathan doesn't want to have anything to do with this baby. Nobody does, except for granddad.

Beth: That is not true. The whole family is looking forward to welcoming this little girl. Lizzie, come on. She is going to make a huge difference for all of us.

Lizzie: Go home.

Beth: What?

Lizzie: I want to be alone, okay? I should probably start getting used to it, anyway.


Olivia: It's okay. Listen, just for the record, I'm really proud of how you're hanging in there with him.

Tammy: I love him.

Olivia: I know.

Tammy: It's funny, people always say that I've made him a better man, but the truth is he's made me a stronger woman.

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