GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/28/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 6/28/06


Provided By Tanya

Tracy: Oh, save the "We're all in the same boat" routine for somebody who cares.

Reva: Hey!

Tracy: What, you got something to say?

Reva: Yeah! Like, I have cancer, too, so I don't have to be nice to you.

Tracy: Yeah, well, right back at you, rookie.

Reva: I'm sorry I don't have your experience.

Tracy: Well, obviously, because if you did, you'd know you're not fooling anybody with that horse hair on your head.

Reva: Speak for yourself. The only thing you're missing is a patch on your eye and a parrot on your shoulder.


Reva: I was only doing what I thought you would do, you know, self-sacrifice-- try to protect everyone, but not yourself.

Josh: Who knows?

Reva: You must have had moments when you thought about what your life would have been like without me in it, what it would have been like if you'd met some nice, well-behaved girl.

Josh: Well, my life would have been simpler, that's for sure.


Reva: Let me tell you something. This next project I think you're going to be okay with. I do, because it's just... it's something that I need to... it's just something I need to take care of. Oh, Dylan. Sweetie, you were my first born, and there's something... so special about that. Marah and Shayne, I think you know how I feel about you. I am so incredibly proud of both of you. Not that I can take any credit for it, of course, because your daddy did all the work. You're very lucky to have such an amazing father. And Jonathan. ( Tsks ) ( laughs ) We've had... such a wild ride, haven't we? You've taught me more about forgiveness than I could ever hope to learn. So take a lesson from who you are, son, because now with your own baby coming, I may not be around here to help you, you know. You know what the right thing is to do. You do. You know that, son. And then you, my sweet man. Joshua. You are the love of my life. These last few months have shown me that we're not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings in search of a human one. And we have walked hand in hand in that journey. And I've been so blessed to have you as my partner. To say I love you just doesn't cut it, because you are a part of me, just like I hope I can always be a part of you, always. That's it. Bye, everyone. ( Crying ) Okay, Colin, turn it off.

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