GL Best Lines Monday 6/19/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 6/19/06


Provided By Tanya

Jonathan: How much! This is not about money. All I want is Tammy. That baby is mine. I have no choice, I can't walk away. Not anymore.

Lizzie: God! Leave it to you to finally develop a conscience!

Marina: To Coop! Saved by the bell! Oh, you got to love that bell.

Alan: You know, you people are unbelievable.

Marina: I guess Coop's looking pretty good right now, huh? You know, compared to the alternative. I guess it's one of those... careful what you wish for scenarios. Those suck. But you know... I feel for you, big guy. I mean, gosh, your family's always letting you down.

Beth: No, no, stop. Just stop. Just stay here. I have to check on Lizzie. Her blood pressure has been going sky high ever since she found out Jonathan was the father.

Lillian: What...

Buzz: Whoa! ( Laughs ) Whoa, you knew? You knew that Jonathan was the father of the baby?

Coop: No. You... you're nuts. And I feel sorry for that baby.

Lizzie: Oh, so do I, okay? This is, my child's life depends on it! What happened that night wasn't my fault! It... I... I didn't have any say in it, okay? I really didn't! Jonathan raped me!

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