GL Best Lines Thursday 6/15/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 6/15/06


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Buzz has made my favorite pastry.

Buzz: It's the way to a woman's heart, you know.

Alan: Really, and what woman are you baking for these days, Buzz?

Buzz: Oh, that's cold.

Beth: Play nice, you boys.

Buzz: Don't worry, the role of the supportive father of the groom will be played by me.

Alan: You should be supportive. He's very lucky to have Elizabeth.


Lizzie: I had him. And long before you wormed your way into our town, Coop loved me like you will never be loved in your wildest dreams. We're just trying to fix something that should have never been broken.

Ava: Mm. Just do your best to keep him happy.

Lizzie: Oh, we will be. Because the truth is, Coop and I belong together.

Ava: No, the truth is, if you weren't pregnant and using it to get at him, there would be no wedding. There is one reason why Coop's marrying you and that is because he's a good guy. And if you love him even a fraction of the amount you say you do, you wouldn't let him go through with this. But Coop feels responsible, so he's willing to sacrifice his life, and keep his standards so high, and feel good about himself, that he's going to go through with this. And that's just because he's a great guy.

Lizzie: Wow. You poor thing. You really are desperate. But, by all means, I mean, do what you have to do, make up what you have to make up to get through this, because I know how Coop feels about me. Were you there when he asked me to marry him, Ava? No one was holding a gun to his head. He said how he feels to me. So if you loved him as much as you say that you do, you would disappear. Let him move on and be happy. But I get it. You're lost and alone, and you know that by tomorrow, the man probably won't even remember your name.

Ava: Poor Coop. He's going to be stuck with a selfish bitch like you. Maybe he needs a last-minute wake-up call.

Lizzie: Go ahead, Ava. Do what you have to do.

Ava: Oh, don't worry. I'll do what I have to do.


Ava: What's going on here, what's this all about?

Beth: This? This is me making sure my daughter has a wonderful day with no unexpected surprises. This is me taking no chances. Me, saying... it's time to go.

Chauffeur: Yes, ma'am.

Ava: Where are we going?

Beth: Bye, bye.

Ava: ( Shrieks ) What are you doing to me?

Chauffeur: Come on.

Ava: No!

Beth: Look at that. I broke a nail. Yes?

Chauffeur: Meat locker. Don't worry, I threw a coat in there with her.

Beth: Well that was very nice of you. I have a wedding to go to. Shall we?

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