GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/14/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 6/14/06


Provided By Tanya

Josh: It felt so good to be there with him. I didn't really want to wake up. I'm sorry.

Ra: You miss him, don't you, sweetie?

Josh: I do. Especially right now. Now that his dream is becoming a reality, it'd be nice to have him here with me, you know, standing by my side. But then again, it would probably hurt twice as much to have to lose him again. I mean, you know how it is. When you lose somebody, you have that sense of helplessness because you have no hope of ever getting them back again.


Reva: Because, you know, I've been behind Tammy and Jonathan from the very beginning over your objections. And now I feel like I owe you, to give you the best that Jonathan has to offer, so you don't have to worry about Tammy anymore. So that she can have the life that she deserves.

Cassie: Remind me to get you one of those "World's Greatest Sister" mugs, would you?


Cassie: Oh. Okay, so I'll calm down, and I will be a concerned parent, and not someone who looks like she wants to start a fight herself.

Josh: Okay, all right. I'll go with you, then.

Cassie: No, I can handle it.

Josh: Just, just... just slow down, okay, because I really don't think you want to go out like that. I mean, not that the Daisy Duke outfit doesn't work, but I don't think it's projecting the loving, caring mother that you're looking for.


Josh: Hey, let me tell you something, okay, about Cassie Winslow that's not in your file. From day one, she was dealt a lousy hand. She has two choices, succeed or not succeed, and it was touch or go there for a while as to which it would be. Now, let me just give you one example of her, okay? Her daughter Tammy was placed in a foster home when Cassie was still essentially just a child herself. Now, she could have left her there, but she didn't do that. She was dedicated to raising her child, her daughter, on her own. So she did not take the easy route, because that's not who she is! Cassie gives more to her children than any person I know! And she has never been negligent in any part of their upbringing. Believe me when I say this, she is not just a decent human being and a good mother, she is a wonderful human being. She is one in a million! Why don't you put that in your file?

Counselor: Are you finished?

Josh: Yes, I am! And I think this is the part where you tell me to take a hike.

Counselor: No. This is where I say that I wish that there were more couples who were as committed to their children and to each other as you are to R.J.’s mother. It's obvious that you love Cassie Winslow very much.

Josh: I think there's been a misunderstanding. I... I am not Cassie's...

Counselor: Significant other?

Josh: No. Actually, I'm her brother-in- law.

Counselor: Oh, my goodness.

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