GL Best Lines Tuesday 6/13/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 6/13/06


Provided By Tanya

Beth: I lied. Alan, Alan, come on. Be a sport. Lizzie and Coop have something wonderful to tell us.

Alan: Really? That he's not the father of her baby?

Beth: That's really not very nice.

Alan: I can dream, can't I?


Lizzie: Well, it's going to be lunch, and a whole lot more. Henry and I are getting married. This week! ( Laughs )

Alan: Absolutely not!

Buzz: Well, hell has actually frozen over. Alan is right.


Ava: It would be so easy to be selfish right now.

Coop: Yeah. To do what just feels right in the moment. Like the other night in your room.

Ava: I was a different person, like Olivia or Lizzie, I would grab you and push you up against the wall and kiss you.

Coop: Hey, now.

Ava: And beg you... beg you not to go through with it. Maybe if I was that girl, you... ( sighs ) would call it off, the wedding.

Coop: Maybe.

Ava: But I'm not that girl. And you couldn't walk away from something that you felt you had to do. Even if I asked you to.

Coop: You wouldn't ask. And that's why. ( Sighs ) Good-bye, Ava.

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