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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 6/9/06

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Coop: No. Ava, I couldn't help what I said, and I certainly couldn't help what I saw or what I did. When I saw you with that cop, I hated him.

Ava: You hated... why would you hate him?

Coop: Because he was with you, and I wasn't. Ava, I want you so much. It's consuming me. You are... all-consuming, and I don't know what to do about what I'm feeling for you inside right now. I don’t...


Jonathan: Look at us here going at it, her singing backup, me playing good guy speaking the truth, saying, "Do the right thing," and you being so selfish you put little Mr. Willie above the baby.

Coop: You know what? You've got about three seconds to get the hell out of here before we call security to make sure I don't do something that I'm going to regret.

Jonathan: ( Laughs ) Okay! Listen, then, just try and forget who the messenger is and listen to the message. You'll see it's the right thing. Not that you're going to do that with Victoria whispering secrets in your ear.

Ava: Why don't you get out of here, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Hey, hey, I'm already gone, kids. Just remember, Coop, do the world a favor: If you're going to stick around this time, use a condom. One little Coop-a-doop running around this town, more than enough.


Coop: Lizzie, I... I want to...

Lizzie: You want to what?

Coop: Whew! You know what? To hell with it. Lizzie Spaulding, will you marry me?

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