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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 6/8/06

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Provided By Tanya

Coop: Well, my dad says, as long as it has ten fingers and ten toes, you're lucky. But I'm pretty sure with our kid, it'd still be pretty cool if they had 11.


Lizzie: Okay. ( Sighs ) I need another box. "People say everything you take for granted in life will suddenly change and become magical once your baby arrives. Things smell better, taste better, look different, especially once your baby experiences those same things for the first time. Maybe that'll happen to me, too. The sad irony is I can't share this exciting time with the woman that I care most about, Ava."


Beth: Lizzie! You'll never guess what I'm looking at on my wrist right now.

Lizzie: Um, if it's from granddad, a leash?

Beth: You know me better than that.


Josh: Not for your mom, it's not. And besides, you and I both know that Reva would not forgive me if I let you go, so...

Jonathan: Well, you tell her I overpowered you.

Josh: ( Laughs )

Jonathan: Ha ha.

Josh: That's... that's funny. Then she would know I was lying.

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