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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 6/1/06

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Alan-Michael: Just come right out with it, Dinah. "Don't fire me, Harley, please. Bosses get stabbed in the back every day. Friends betray their best friends all the time. You can trust me."

Dinah: Harley and I are fine. We're fine. You just want to see two girls go at it, don't you?

Alan-Michael: ( Laughs ) Maybe. Put my money on you, though.

Dinah: Me, too. But there's going to be no fight because Harley knows that I'm on her side again.

Alan-Michael: Wow. You actually said that with a straight face.


Reva: Oh, come on, Doc. You're new in town. Don't you want to connect with someone, have a life?

Colin: No time.

Reva: Careful. Because one day you could be hooked up to one of these things, and you're going to be wishing you'd made the time. I took my life for granted, too, you know. I fell off the face of the earth any number of times and put my family through hell. But I always came back. Yeah, I still wasted a lot of time, and I want it back. I want that time back.


Reva: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You always did make me weak in the knees, Joshua Lewis.

Josh: Reva, I would move heaven and earth for you. So moving a house, hey, that was easy.

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