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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/30/06

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Coop: I don't know, this-- Lizzie, this place is just so weird. It's like everyone co-exists, all right. You know, yes, they're together and like that, but I've never seen them hang out. I've never seen you guys mingle. I've never seen you guys just act normal.

Lizzie: Okay, well we can't all be Cooper’s.

Coop: I'm not saying that we don't have our problems. I'm just saying that anyone who lives in this house turns out to be weird. It's like they're some oxygen deprived person when they come out of here.


Lizzie: See, he is totally on top of everything, Granddad, and the baby's room is right next to Coop's, which is perfect. Ooh, plus that fact that when he's working, he can take the baby monitor downstairs and listen, so we don't have to worry. And, we will never have to worry about who's watching the baby because we've got Buzz, Marina, Frank, Harley. It's just a lot of fun here. There's a lot of laughing, a lot of music. Everyone's always kind of running into each other because there's always a line for the bathroom.

Alan: Elizabeth, your child is not going to be raised in a fraternity house.

Lizzie: Granddad.

Alan: Listen, there were towels all over the floor in the bathroom. The hall has not been painted since Nixon was president, and the food is unacceptable.


Coop: I love this room. I love that a friend cared enough to take the time to do all this work. But that's not enough. Look, I could fight, but I wouldn't want to bring my child into the middle of that kind of tension. If I want my kid to be happy, I need to work with Lizzie's family, not against them. Alan, both of us want the best thing for Lizzie and the baby. And I certainly don't want her wasting extra energy going between both of us, back and forth again. Look, Lizzie, you're looking a little tired. Alan, perhaps maybe you should take her home.

Alan: Gladly.

Coop: By the way, I have to work tonight, but I will meet up with you back at the house afterwards, okay?

Lizzie: Okay. You will?

Coop: Yes. Lizzie, we've got some planning to do. If you are going to move back into your family's house, then so am I.


Lizzie: So you don't care if Coop moves in here?

Alan: Well, with house this size, how often would I have to see him.

Lizzie: Granddad?

Alan: I'm just joking. As a matter of fact, I plan on spending a little quality time with young Henry.

Lizzie: What does that mean?

Alan: It's very simple. The way to keep your baby from becoming more like a Cooper, I must make Henry more into a Spaulding. Elizabeth, your baby will be a Spaulding.

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