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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/23/06

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Jonathan: Well, because I screwed up Joshua's fundraiser, Reva's probably trying to forget I'm her son again.

Tammy: It's so unfair; anybody can see that. Listen, stay here, okay?

Jonathan: Stay here? ( Laughs ) You need a new boyfriend.

Tammy: I got the one that I want. You sit and relax. I'll have you out of here before you can say...

Jonathan: Ex-con?


Ava: So are you sure you like it?

Coop: Yeah, oh, my God. I can't believe you did all of that work. You decorated it all by yourself?

Ava: I did. All by myself, and I'm not even near finished yet. But I might need your help with the clouds on the ceiling unless you want to buy a taller ladder.

Coop: So this is why you're moving out. You're making a nursery out of your old room.

Ava: Listen, I know you have a tough fight with the Spaulding's. This way, Alan can't say you weren't prepared. And if he sends his sneaky lawyer snooping around, at least he can't say you don't live next to your ex-- to another woman.

Coop: Come here. Thank you. Thank you. You are just...

Ava: I know. I know I am.


Alan: Anything I have to. I always prided myself for being prepared for anything that life may throw at you. I want you to come with me, Beth. I have a special surprise for you.

Alan-Michael: Alan Spaulding in the house of God. Don't stand too close. Lightning is going to strike him down any time.

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