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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 5/17/06

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Harley: How long have you known this?

Mallet: Since your wedding.

Harley: Oh, my god!

Mallet: I saw him in a parking garage in Springfield that morning.

Harley: Did you talk to him?

Mallet: No, I didn't talk to him. I caught a quick glimpse of him, but it was long enough to be pretty sure about who it was. And then I ran to the ceremony and that's when I learned Rick had performed an autopsy on him.

Harley: So you knew what Rick did?

Mallet: What I knew was what Rick told me. Rick swore to me he was not coming back and he was not going to hurt you.


Dinah: How did you do it?

Gus: What?

Dinah: Get past the rage and the hurt?

Gus: Harley made it easier for me not to let the anger run my life.

Dinah: Yeah, but those feelings, those feelings, they don't do anything. They don't bring your daddy back.

Gus: No, no, they don't. And my father's not coming back. And your father's not coming back. So the only thing you can do is just hang on for dear life, you know, to the people that are around you, the people that love you the most.


Dinah: You know, I'm really starting to understand what this is all about. This whole nightmare has taught me a lot about my father's death. I don't know, I mean I learned more about grief than I can even explain, and how loss just makes you feel like you’ve lost yourself as a person.

Mallet: Do you feel lost?

Dinah: No. What I'm saying is that I think that it's made me think about Harley and how-- sweetie, I get it. I get it how two people like you and Harley could sleep together, you know, when Harley thought Gus was gone. I... I get it. ( Glass breaks )

Harley: Hey, did you-- whoa, what happened? Honey.

Gus: It was an accident.

Mallet: Hey, what's up?

Dinah: Gus?

Mallet: Whoa.

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