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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/16/06

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Coop: Did you ever wish you could be anyone else by yourself?

Ava: I would never want you to be anyone but you.


Reva: The cancer has spread?

Colin: Could be spreading, and we need to blast it out of your body.

Reva: Chemo, like make you sick, like lose your hair-type chemo?

Colin: I know it's a shock. I'll give you a few minutes to digest it. I'll be back.

Reva: Wait, he tells me that, and then he just walks out.


Beth: I remember that like it was yesterday, just like I remembered Harley's wedding after the autopsy, and you... you exhumed the body. You said that he was in that coffin, you said...

Rick: Beth, give me a second and I can explain this to you. Let me explain, please.

Beth: How could you do this to me!

Rick: Beth, I didn't know he was alive all this time. I swear to you. And whatever happened that day at the hospital, the day he supposedly died, I wasn't a part of that. I thought he died, just like you did. I grieved, just like you did. And quite honestly, I was relieved he wasn't around, that he couldn't hurt my son anymore. And then one day he came to the house. I walked out the back door and there he was with this stupid grin on his face. Beth, do you have any idea how surreal it was to be standing there and looking in the face of my best friend that I thought was dead? He was manic, he was out of control and he was angry. And he acknowledged he was emotionally unstable and he did terrible things and he needed to stay away. So he begged me to lie, Beth. He begged me to lie and say-- listen to me-- he begged me to lie and say he was the one in that casket, and in his words, he said that he would stay away from my son. That's what he said. What other choice did I have? Yes, it was a lie, but there is no way in hell I was ever going to let him touch my son again. Beth, you would have done the same thing. If it was your child, you would have done the same thing. If it was your son...

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