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Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 5/2/06

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Blake: You think I told her so I could have you all to myself, O’Neill?

Jeffrey: Who knows?

Blake: Oh, please. You're thinking I want something more out of our little romp?

Jeffrey: Well, sometimes I have that effect on women.

Blake: Oh, well, not with me, darling. Although, I think it's going to make it a lot easier to negotiate terms for our next debate.


Reva: You know the reason I fainted, don't you? Overexcitement! ( Laughs ) Because I knew I was going to be seeing you soon, and darn it, you still make me wobbly in the knees and a little light-headed.


Blake: When? After a couple more romps in the car? You knew I thought Ross was cheating on me when he died. That's why I let you do what you did.

Jeffrey: You let me? Wait a minute. You came after me like a heat seeking missile, okay. Not that I minded, but let's be honest here.

Blake: You should have stopped me. What kind of man are you?

Jeffrey: One with a pulse, okay? I told you from the beginning, I am not a gentlemen. And all is fair in love and politics.

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