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Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 4/28/06

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Ava: No, I'm not going to give up on him. I want him, but I want him to have Oxford more and his freedom, and he doesn't deserve to lose all of that.

Marina: No, he doesn't. But it's his baby. He's got an obligation.

Ava: To Lizzie?

Marina: To the baby. Believe me, sometimes that's tougher than having another woman in the picture. There will be times when he has to be with his kid. And what sucks about it, it's that usually when you want him around the most. Like holidays. It will make you value the time you do have together that much more. And if you're smart, you won't take each other for granted.

Ava: Is that what you told yourself when you were with Danny Santos?


Reva: You saw what you wanted to see, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, but that goes to show you there ain't no fool like an old fool.

Reva: We're both fools. We started that club.

Billy: Yeah, about 25 years ago.


Josh: Excuse me, a coward would not have ripped up the divorce papers, and a coward would not have married you three times, and a coward wouldn't be standing here telling you he can't wait for our next adventure.

Reva: No, that would be an idiot or a glutton for punishment.

Josh: Yes, well, I might be both, but I'm a happy idiot and a happy glutton for punishment.

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