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Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 4/27/06

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Alan: Your son has a chance of a lifetime, Buzz, to attend Oxford University, probably the best university in the English world. They believe in him, and they want him to shoot for the stars. I know you're proud of him--

Buzz: What's your point?

Alan: My point is the last thing he needs right now is to be saddled with a child. Now you and I were young and we know accidents happen, and I think you and I should make sure Elizabeth and Henry learn from this mistake and move on. Put this indiscretion behind them.

Buzz: In other words, you don't think my son is good enough to raise your grandchild?


Lizzie: I'm going to look like you?

Beth: Thanks.

Lizzie: I mean, it's fine, but who cares what you look like at this point. But me, in one of those tent dresses and those shoes. And everybody touching you all of the time, is it a boy, is it a girl, is it triplets?

Beth: You will handle it?

Lizzie: Maybe, but all alone.

Beth: No.

Lizzie: Yes. Coop blew the coop, and now I'm all alone.


Jeffrey: Sounds like we both have our regrets.

Cassie: But we're both moving forward, right? I'm working on this new project with Josh that I think it's really going to help a lot of people. And you, look at you, you're really coming out of your shell and running for mayor, going to talk to people and be nice.

Jeffrey: I'm going to talk to people. No one told me about the nice part. I'm not sure about that.


Coop: Look, Ava, if we quit things right now, then you can be free, okay. But if you stick it out with me, it's going to be nothing but Lizzie and headaches. You understand?

Ava: A life supply of aspirin. It's fine.

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