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Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 4/26/06

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Alan-Michael: Substance abuse is such a tragedy because it doesn't just affect the addict. What happened today is a perfect example. Gus goes out on a call, obviously impaired, and bang-- Mallet winds up in the hospital, all because of those pills. Well, at least something good can come out of it.

Dinah: Really?

Alan-Michael: Look, we both want Harley to step down as CEO from Spaulding. This could make her do it. I can see the headlines now, "CEO's hubby has hush-hush habit."

Dinah: The bad PR would be enough to get her to resign from Spaulding.


Harley: I'm here with you this time, remember? Come on. Honey, you're burning up.

Gus: I guess I got the hots for you.

Harley: Yeah, that's why you're shivering. We should go back to town, sweetie.

Gus: No, no, no.

Harley: We should go back to town. This is not a good idea.

Gus: No, there's a little heater. There's a little heater.

Harley: Honey... hey, city boy, you know how to use that thing?


Harley: You know what I wish? I wish... I wish that I could hold you in my arms and tell you over and over and over again that it will be okay. It will be okay, baby. Baby? I want you to listen to something. It's a story that Zach wrote. It's called... it's called "My very own policeman." "I have my very own policeman. His name is Gus. He lives with my mommy because he is her husband. Gus is strong and brave. He doesn't shave every day because he's too busy getting the bad guys. That is Gus' job. He does it better than anyone in the world. Even the policemen who do shave, like Uncle Frank."

Gus: Zach thinks that about me?

Harley: You're his hero. Mine, too, by the way.

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