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Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 4/17/06

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Lizzie: I am so sick of being the one with my nose pressed up against the window like some three dollar puppy. It's getting kind of pathetic.

Jonathan: You said it.


Ava: Well, lots of things. Like... I don't know what your favorite flavor of ice cream is. I don't know what your favorite sports team is. I didn't even know tomorrow was your birthday. I don't even know, actually, if you like birthdays. I don't even know how old you are. I don't even... you know, the list goes on and on. It's like she has this... this big part of you that she'll always have and it's always going to be that way. It's never going to change.

Coop: Ava, please, look...

Ava: No, listen. It's the truth, it's how I feel. And it's the way she acts.

Coop: Okay. You're right. Lizzie owns part of my past. But she can have it, all right, because I am just focused on what's in front of me. All right? I'm just looking... I'm looking at you, and you are right in front of me.


Marina: What am I doing? I'm done. Forget it. Right? I mean, that's... that's what I said. Wait. Why not? Just talk and find out. That'll settle it. Knock. ( Knock on the door ) If it's meant to be, he'll open the door, open his arms and... ( knock on the door ) Okay, I gave it my best shot. I guess it's not meant to be.

Alan-Michael: What's not meant to be?

Marina: Us.

Alan-Michael: Us?

Marina: Yeah, me, you. You, you. I knocked and you weren't there.

Alan-Michael: No, I'm here.

Marina: That's why you didn't answer.

Alan-Michael: Not even someone with my special powers can answer the door when he's not home. But I could go in, shut the door behind me and you could try again. Or we could just skip a step and you could come in now. It's not a trick question. You want the choices again?

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