GL Best Lines Friday 4/14/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 4/14/06

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Harley: Okay, well, I started out the year making 50 cents a day because I was in prison, and I ended the year married-- which is good, right?-- Making six figures as a CEO.

Ira: Oh, all right. Gus?

Gus: Nope, everything's easy for me. Although next year might be a problem because I was legally dead, partially, briefly. Do I get a tax break for that?


Tammy: Why, so she can agonize over it and turn it into some huge deal which it doesn't need to be? You said you would respect my decision to be with Jonathan, Mom.

Cassie: I did.

Tammy: You said you'd try.

Cassie: And I will, I will. And what better way than to plunge right in with a home-cooked meal. So, is Jonathan allergic to anything? I mean, other than me?


Lizzie: You are so sweet to be so supportive.

Ava: Why wouldn't I be?

Lizzie: I don't know, I guess if I was still his girlfriend, I'd probably be worried that he'd go off and follow up with one of those classy, brilliant Oxford girls and never come home. But clearly you must be more secure than I am.

Ava: Clearly.

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