GL Best Lines Thursday 4/13/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 4/13/06

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Dinah: Well, I have had a lot of help, believe me, but, yeah, this is my first big project as interim CEO. From the get-go, I knew what the focus should be, on the men and women who sacrifice everything for us, for their families. And every dollar that will be raised here this evening will go to the loved ones of officers killed in the line of duty. That's why all costs will be bankrolled by Spaulding. So everything that you see from the invitations to the food, to the pen you swiped off the table-- ( laughs ) I'm kidding, I kidding. It's yours; I want you to have it. It will all be paid for by Spaulding.

Reporter: Ms. Marler, I understand ticket sales are double what they were last year.

Dinah: Actually, I am three ticket sales short of double. So if you care to buy them, we're all good. ( Laughter )


Blake: What is Springfield without Ross Marler? He is the soul. That's what the Commissioner just said, that he's the soul. He's backing me, by the way, the Commissioner.

Jeffrey: Blake, you know, I think it's really wonderful that you want to run for mayor as a sort of tribute/memorial to Ross, but you're grieving right now. You're trying to raise three kids on your own. Why go through that? Why don't you drop out. You can support me...

Blake: Drop out and support you? ( Laughs ) Oh, dear. Oh, dear. You're afraid of me. You're afraid I will wipe the floor with you. You have every right to be afraid.


Jonathan: You don't belong here.

Lizzie: Why not, lover?

Jonathan: Real funny.

Lizzie: Relax, Tammy's not here.

Jonathan: No, that's because I told her to leave.

Lizzie: You did? Why is that?

Jonathan: Because she got a restraining order against me. What am I supposed to do, ask her to stay?

Lizzie: Admit it, it's me. You had one night with me, you've fallen madly in love. It's okay, I don't blame you.


Dinah: Yeah, well I received several extra surprises, but you know me, I roll with the punches.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I know you. It sounds like you need an in with the next mayor, but lucky for you, you already slept with him. But one good turn, deserves another. I need a couple of favors

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