GL Best Lines Tuesday 4/11/06

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 4/11/06

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Billy: Wait, wait. Wait a second, wait a second. Weren't you supposed to meet me over at the bar?

Reva: I'm sorry, I got involved in the cleaning.

Billy: That's a new line. That's original.

Reva: I like cleaning. It's very... cleansing.

Billy: What's going on here?

Reva: Nothing, nothing. I just think it's time that I put things in order, you know.

Billy: Reva!

Reva: What? Okay, it is something. It's this something. It's these divorce papers, Billy. Because tomorrow I get to sign away my marriage to Josh in triplicate. So are you going to help me move the damn couch or not?


Gus: Don't you want her to see all of her hard work?

Dinah: Sure, absolutely, but... what are you getting at?

Gus: I think you're upset. I mean, you were in charge there for a while, and you did a great job and everything, and now she's back, and you probably feel she is stealing your thunder, maybe, like at the big event? That kind of thing has got to hurt. Probably the same way it hurt when she took all of Mallet's attention away from you when I was dead-- or everybody thought I was dead, right?


Jonathan: And what about next time? What about the next time you don't know how you feel? Because that's what happens, Tammy. Things don't always go like you think they're going to go. What are you going to do then? You going to run to your mother?

Tammy: No.

Jonathan: Come on, Tammy. Come on. She walked in here, and you jumped away from me. You can't help it. Okay, okay, then you stood up for us. What about tomorrow? What about next week? I can't keep losing you over and over again.

Tammy: You never really--

Jonathan: You got a restraining order against me! The cops hauled me away and locked me up! I can't keep doing that! I won't!

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